Accelerate your website with Bluehost CloudFlare

As a webmaster, most challenging job is to keep your website optimized all the time, so that it loads fast and visitors are served best response time. A slow performing website can drive away your site visitors and depress the rankings of your website on major search engines. While a lot of factors that relate to website content organization (like, unused themes, plugins and add-ons; heavy images; incorrect cache options etc.) determine your site’s performance, a major impact is made by the performance and responsiveness of the web hosting server where the website is hosted. A slow web hosting server will more likely lead to a lagging website. Thus when you choose a web host for your website, it’s very important to keep in mind performance and reliability of the hosting provider.

Bluehost is a web hosting company that is rated very high on the performance score. Blue Host lays great emphasis on providing a fast and smooth web experience for all its customer websites. Therefore, it makes use of latest and most updated technology for all its web servers. The result of this is that Bluehost web servers are generally very fast and robust. This provides a very strong base for your websites to perform well, if they are also optimized. Not only this, Bluehost provides several great powerful tools that help you to improve your website performance. In it’s endeavour to provide best hosting environment with best possible tools, Blue Host has partnered with CloudFlare. This now makes possible to activate CloudFlare for every website that you host with Blue host. And the best part is that this technology is available for free with Bluehost hosting account. There are other benefits too with hosting your website with Bluehost. Not only that you can get good discounts also with this best bluehost coupon code.

CloudFlare is a content delivery network which is designed to improve your website speed and also provide security against various threats. CloudFlare has more than 14 data centers across the globe. The way their technology works is to cache the static content of your website on the CDN, so that now it is closer to the visitors. The dynamic content of your website is still stored on Bluehost web servers and any requests for this content are served by Bluehost. But, if a visitor requests your website’s static pages, CloudFlare technology routes the visitor to the closest data center. This makes the website load much faster for the visitor. It has been observed that, if you use CloudFlare for your website, 65% fewer requests are served by Bluehost server and it takes around 60% less bandwidth.

CloudFlare also blocks abusive bots from crawling your website, thus reducing server resources and safeguarding your website against several online threats.

The core service of CloudFlare comes for free with Bluehost web hosting. This basic CloudFlare plan offers basic reporting in addition to above features. Bluehost also provides the option of choosing Pro CloudFlare plan which includes advanced reporting, advanced security features and real-time statistics for your website.

CloudFlare has recently come out with their latest technology called RailGun. This is aimed at providing the best possible caching for dynamic content on a website. The good news is that this RailGun technology will very soon be incorporated into Bluehost technology.

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